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Join a Video Teach-In on Voting Rights

Join Bend the Arc for a special event at the very start of our campaign to protect the right to vote for every American, no matter where they live. We need to act now to fix the damage from last year’s Supreme Court decision to dismantle the heart of the Voting Rights Act.

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Help Grow the Bend the Arc Movement

Get in touch with us to find out how you can build the movement and bring Bend the Arc to your community. A staff member will respond to you with more information in the coming weeks. Thank you.

Pledge to Support Fair and Just Immigration Reform

While many stories of coming to America over the centuries are tales of hardship, for many Americans, our ancestors’ immigration stories would not be possible at all under today’s immigration laws.

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Be a Leader for Immigration Reform

Be a Leader for Immigration Reform

With millions of Americans lining up behind immigration reform, 2013 is shaping up as a historic moment, a time for us to help right decades of terrible wrong and pass once-in-a-lifetime legislation. You can help make just, equitable immigration reform a reality in 2013. ...