Join a Video Teach-In on Voting Rights

Join Bend the Arc for a special event at the very start of our campaign to protect the right to vote for every American, no matter where they live. We need to act now to fix the damage from last year’s Supreme Court decision to dismantle the heart of the Voting Rights Act.

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What: Video Teach-In on Voting Rights
Who: Learn with Heather Booth, organizer for social justice and civic participation
When: Wednesday, February 5, at 8:00-9:00pm EST / 5:00-6:00pm PST

Participants should join by video and by phone (for clean audio):
Connect with video:
Click here at the start of the meeting
Connect by phone for audio: (267) 507-0240 code: 937078

Heather Booth has led national campaigns for civic participation and voter engagement for over 40 years, with everyone from to the AFL-CIO. We’ll hear from her what it was like to be on the ground in the 1964 Freedom Summer and how today's fight for a new VRA is connected to the same values that animated the Civil Rights Movement.