Investing with Bend the Arc

Welcoming a family to their new homeBend the Arc community loan funds include the Community Investment Initiative, which allows individuals to invest as little as $1,000 on a regional basis across the United States. The Tzedec Funds provides community investment opportunities to individuals, foundations, and institutions in select cities starting at $18,000. The Isaiah Fund is a multi-faith-based permanent disaster response loan fund that invests in the revitalization of disaster-torn communities over the long haul. Investments for accredited organizations start at $25,000. 

Our community investing program is designed to help individuals, family foundations, synagogues and other faith-based institutions pool their money to invest in distressed communities through low-and no-interest loans. We also help people invest in Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) that serve individuals, businesses and nonprofits typically neglected by mainstream banks.

To learn more about investing with Bend the Arc, please contact Laura Wintroub, Director of Tzedec Community Investment Program, at or (215) 885-1293 ext. 115.

Three ways to invest in social change:

Bend the Arc has several loan funds, some of which offer financial returns, while others are funded by contributions.

Community Investment Initiative

Our Community Investment Initiative is a socially responsible investment program created by Bend the Arc in partnership with the Calvert Foundation. With as little as $1,000, investors can help rebuild neighborhoods by helping individuals, families, and communities gain access to capital. The Initiative is facilitated through the purchase of Calvert Foundation's Community Investment Note. Here’s how it works: the full value of your investment is lent out, providing capital to communities often neglected by mainstream banks. As loans are repaid, the capital is lent out again, multiplying the social impact of your investment. At the end of your note’s term, the money is returned to you with a modest amount of interest. By investing through the Bend the Arc Community Investment Initiative, you partner with residents of low income communities to help rebuild and revitalize their neighborhoods. Your investment enables residents to obtain the funds necessary to take control of their communities by buying homes, starting or investing in businesses, and creating health care, child care, and educational facilities.

Calvert Social Investment Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, offers the Community Investment Note, a 1-10 year note earning up to 3% interest. The Note is subject to certain risks, is not a mutual fund, is not FDIC or SIPC insured, and should not be confused with any Calvert Group-sponsored investment product. This is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy these securities; the offering is made only by the prospectus, which should be read before investing. The notes are not obligations of, or in any way guaranteed by, Bend the Arc.

Tzedec Funds

Tzedec Economic Development Fund (TEDF) is our core loan fund and makes loans and deposits in community development financial institutions (CDFIs), in seven cities and regions across the country: Baltimore, Boston, South Florida, the Gulf Coast, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. TEDF Notes are offered in states where they are authorized for a term of three, five or seven years, paying investors 0% (in the tradition of Hebrew Free Loan Societies) or 1% interest.

Tzedec Community Ventures, LLC (TCV) is Bend the Arc’s place-based, high-impact and high-visibility loan fund.  TCV currently has $1.2 million invested in a long-term community development initiative in the Oliver neighborhood in East Baltimore that will create more than 450 units of new and renovated affordable housing over the next 10 years.

The Isaiah Fund

The Isaiah Fund is a permanent national inter-religious pooled fund designed to make high-impact and high-visibility targeted investments and loans that benefit low-income and minority communities in areas affected by major disasters throughout the United States. Hosted and managed by Bend the Arc, the Isaiah Fund was formed by several faith-based organizations after Hurricane Katrina. Learn more about The Isaiah Fund.

This notice does not constitute an offer of any of the Tzedec Notes or any other securities. Offers shall only be made in states where authorized and by the applicable prospectus. Tzedec Notes may be sold to Pennsylvania residents only when Notes have been registered with the Pennsylvania Securities Commission. TEDF is a wholly-controlled, nonprofit entity of the Bend the Arc. TEDF manages and holds Tzedek investments. The notes are not obligations of, or guaranteed in any way by, Bend the Arc. Tzedec Community Ventures, LLC (TCV) is a wholly-controlled non-profit subsidiary of the Bend the Arc. TCV manages and holds TCV investments. The notes are not obligations of, or in any way guaranteed by Bend the Arc. The Isaiah Fund, LLC (Isaiah Fund) is a wholly-owned entity of Bend the Arc. Isaiah Fund manages and holds all Isaiah Fund investments. The notes issued by the Isaiah Fund are not obligations of, or in any way guaranteed by, Bend the Arc.