Staff Spotlight

Stosh Cotler

Stosh Cotler is the Chief Executive Officer of Bend the Arc. Ms. Cotler has twenty years of leadership experience as an educator, trainer, and organizer within social and economic justice movements. In her years of leadership at Bend the Arc, Ms. Cotler has personally overseen some of the organization’s most successful national growth strategies, including strategic mergers and affiliations.

Bend the Arc is led by an exceptional group of committed, hardworking individuals. We are proud of the dynamic leaders at all levels of our organization, from our staff teams in our offices across the country to our national board and regional councils. We strive to model our practices on the world we want to live in, creating a diverse, collaborative and sustainable, respectful workplace organized around our shared mission of holding America to its promise. Each person affiliated with the organization brings unique qualities that create a vibrant, diverse community. 

The Bend the Arc staff comprises 35 of the most passionate people in the country working every day to create a more fair and just society. From the Chief Executive Officer to the Operations Team to our talented organizers, every staff member brings a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to their roles. The Board of Directors sets policy, manages finances, and works with staff leadership to vision for the organization’s future. The Regional Councils work with regional staff to engage strategically on local issues while also advancing national priorities. Both the Board and Councils sustain our commitment to volunteer engagement and leadership.