Who We Are

Bend the Arc Staff


Stosh Cotler

Chief Executive Officer

Stosh Cotler is the Chief Executive Officer of Bend the Arc. Ms. Cotler has twenty years of leadership experience as an educator, trainer, and organizer within social and economic justice movements. In her years of leadership at Bend the Arc, Ms. Cotler has personally overseen some of the organization’s most successful national growth strategies, including strategic mergers and affiliations.

Jamie Beran

Chief of Staff

Jamie Beran is the Chief of Staff at Bend the Arc. As a member of the Executive Team, her work is focused on managing the program and field staff and holding the organization to high standards of internal management, planning, and creating an intentional organizational culture.

Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block

Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block

Director, Bend the Arc Jewish Action

Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block is the Director of Bend the Arc Jewish Action, where he works to bring the voices of progressive American Jews into the halls of power in Washington, DC.

Jonathan Lipman, Chief Strategy Officer

Jonathan Lipman

Chief Strategy Officer

Jonathan Lipman is the Chief Strategy Officer for Bend the Arc, where he oversees all of the direct impact work of the organization through advocacy, communication and organizing.

Adina Alpert

Program Manager, Selah Leadership Program

Adina Alpert is the Program Manager for Bend the Arc’s Selah Leadership Program, which transforms and connects Jewish leaders and organizations to build a powerful social justice sector.

Bay Area

Hanah Goldov

Administrative Assistant

Hanah is an Administrative Assistant at Bend the Arc supporting both the Bay Area and Los Angeles offices.

Bend the Arc Jewish Action

Arielle Gingold

Deputy Director, Bend the Arc Jewish Action

Arielle represents the organization on Capitol Hill, to the Administration and in diverse coalitions on issues ranging from voting rights to immigration reform to promoting LGBT equality.


Sean Fagan

Brand and Communications Manager

Sean supports the messaging and marketing needs of the Bend the Arc family of organizations and is currently leading the communications efforts for Bend the Arc's first national conference in June, 2016.

Cory Fischer

Communications Director

Cory leads the communications team in telling the story of Bend the Arc and engaging the American Jewish community in national advocacy campaigns.

Michelle Reyf

Senior Digital Organizer

Michelle Reyf is the Senior Digital Organizer at Bend the Arc, where she helps mobilize Bend the Arc's growing base using the Internet.

Joe Waldman

Digital Associate

As a Digital Associate, Joe assists in planning general communications strategy, creating web and social media content, and promoting Bend the Arc's progressive message using digital media.


Andrea Anderson

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Andrea Anderson joined Bend the Arc in 2017 as the Executive Assistant to the CEO. Andrea supports the leadership of Bend the Arc's CEO, Stosh Cotler, and is also a member of the Development Team, working on various projects including overseeing speaking engagements.

Milicent Dranoff

Development Associate

Mil joined the Development team at Bend the Arc in October 2015. She oversees all gift processing, donor acknowledgement and database maintenance, as well as stewardship of lower-level donors.

Becca Israel

Development Officer
Becca Israel joined Bend the Arc in 2017 as the Development Officer.  Seven years ago they participated in Bend the Arc's Jeremiah Fellowship for young leaders in the Bay Area and have remained actively engaged with the organization since. Prior to their current role, Becca spent roughly five years engaged with strategic business development. Becca lives in Brooklyn with their wife, Hannah, and is passionate about minority and womens rights.

Mickey Lambert

Deputy Director of Development

Mickey is Bend the Arc's Deputy Director of Development.

Ava Shapiro

Development Director

Ava joined Bend the Arc in 2015 as a Senior Development Officer, working with individual donors east of the Mississippi.

Finance & Administration

Amanda Gilmore

Human Resources Director & Office Manager

Amanda provides support both to the success of Bend the Arc's staff and the organization's operations as a whole.

Tracy Lin


Tracy helps oversee the finances of Bend the Arc. She studied accounting at Baruch College and has held jobs in accounting since her freshman year.

Mark Mildner

Chief Financial Officer

Mark has overall responsibility for all financial aspects of Bend the Arc. His responsibilities also include oversight of human resources and office service functions.

Leadership Initiatives

Carolyn Sterns

Jeremiah Fellowship Director
Carrie Marsh has been active in social justice leadership programs since high school, and is passionate about the power young people have to change the world. She began her social justice journey as a participant in a Dismantling Oppression Youth Leadership Institute in her hometown of St. Louis, MO and went on to staff and direct the program for 4 years.


Rachel Ackoff

Deputy Field Director

Rachel is the Deputy Field Director at Bend the Arc where she mobilizes the American Jewish community to create a more just, fair, compassionate America.

Leili Davari-Bitton

Bay Area Regional Organizer

 Leili Davari-Bitton joins the Bend the Arc team as Bay Area Regional Organizer. As a Mexican/Iranian, hailing from El Paso, TX, Leili spent the last six years in Los Angeles where she first got involved with Bend the Arc as a Jeremiah Fellow in 2011. The following year, she was selected as a Community Organizing Residency Fellow (COR) and was placed at the Coalition of Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA).

Kayla Glick

Field and Communications Associate

Kayla is the Field and Communications Associate at Bend the Arc, where she supports campaign work.

Susan Lubeck

National Field Director

Susan Lubeck became National Field Director in 2016, after serving for six years as Bay Area Regional Director.

Max Socol

National Organizer

Max is a National Organizer with Bend the Arc, supporting chapters and affiliates primarily in the South.

Southern California

Rabbi Aryeh Cohen


Rabbi Aryeh is the part-time Rabbi-in-Residence for Bend the Arc in Southern California and a long time social justice activist.

Anjuli Kronheim Katz

Regional Organizer

Anjuli oversees advocacy and outreach efforts for the Southern California region, where she also runs the Southern California cohort of the Jeremiah Fellowship.