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Bend the Arc is Growing

National office and affiliate map
November 8, 2012

Over the years Jewish organizations devoted to an economic and social justice agenda have sprouted up in places as different as Washington, DC and St. Paul, or New York and San Francisco – each furthering the same mission – mobilizing Jews to take action on issues of basic fairness and economic opportunity. It’s no accident that each of these organizations has a commitment to working across lines of race, class and faith to make their communities better places to live and to help hold America to its promise. Those commonalities were central to the merger between the Progressive Jewish Alliance and Jewish Funds for Justice in 2011, which gave birth to Bend the Arc. And this past June, Jews United for Justice in Washington, DC and Jewish Community Action in St. Paul decided to affiliate with Bend the Arc, which currently has offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, Philadelphia and Boston. By affiliating, our organizations have strengthened our ability to support each other in local campaigns and engage the Jewish community nationally in pursuit of important domestic policy goals. Through this new partnership we will learn from each other’s experience, collaborate in developing and executing effective strategies, work together on campaigns, and share programs and organizing methods.