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California's Election 2012

Voter Guide
November 13, 2012


This fall, Regional Council members of Bend the Arc Bay Area and Bend the Arc Los Angeles created an in-depth guide to the propositions appearing on California’s November ballot. Just as the Christian political discourse by putting out ideologically derived voter guides for two decades, there is a Jewish way to think about these ballot initiatives. Our voter guide highlights our support for a progressive income tax increase that would prevent drastic cuts to education, public safety and other essential services. It explains why we need criminal justice reform, including putting an end to California’s death penalty and amending the state’s notorious “Three no longer face a mandatory life sentence.

The Voter Guide was distributed widely in California, through mailings, by email, and at synagogues and community meetings, in coordination with get-out-the-vote work by our supporters and partners. This guide is just one more way that Bend the Arc is applying Jewish values to help build a just society for all Americans. Learn more about the Voter Guide.