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Entry Denied: The American Dream vs. Current U.S. Immigration Laws

Washington Dream Act Coalition
April 17, 2013
Veronica Quintero

The complex issues surrounding the topic of immigration take an interactive and apprehensive approach in the immigration survey “Entry Denied.”

The survey allows the participant to answer a series of questions in regards to the immigration journey of a relative. The first questions are based on the region of origin and era of the immigrant.

The journey continues with the reason as to why the selected relative came to America. In my case, my Mexican Father who emigrated in the 1980’s, did so to seek a better life. The next question is about the plan to pursue the “good life.” As far as his abilities, he was just a good worker. And voila, under today’s laws, my father would have no such legal method of entering America and would have to resort to the “Green Card Lottery.”

Also known as the “Diversity Lottery,” this is “currently the only option for most prospective immigrants today.” But if the country has “sent more than 50,000 immigrants to the U.S. over the past five years,” then you might as well abandon the American Dream. 

Visit and take the survey yourself to see how your fate as an immigrant would measure up against the current United States immigration policies. 

BEND THE ARC, a Jewish Partnership for Justice is the driving organization behind the survey “Entry Denied,” geared towards shedding light on the importance of an immigration reform and a reasonable path to citizenship.