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Could your grandma get a green card today?
MSNBC | April 11, 2013

Bend the Arc's new website, Entry Denied, asks if our ancestors would be allowed to come to America under current U.S. law, and the results are sobering. Current immigration law places strict limits on the number of people allowed to claim refugee status, the types of skills required for a work visa, and the number of people from specific countries allowed to apply for the Green Card lottery, among other restrictions.

California Coalition Unites To Pass the LIFE Act to Reduce Gun Violence

Highland Community News | April 10, 2013

Progressive groups in California, including Courage Campaign and Bend the Arc, are re-forming the powerful coalition of organizations that were instrumental in pushing forward legislation that protected California homeowners from predatory banks and passed Proposition 30 to balance California’s budget. This time, members are uniting again to urge the California Legislature to pass the Lifesaving Intelligent Firearms Enforcement (LIFE) Act to reduce gun violence. 

Five Questions For Activist Alan Van Capelle | April 6, 2013

When creating a list of the best young organizers in America you would have to put in the top five New York City's Alan van Capelle. Now President and CEO of Bend the Arc, a faith based Jewish organization, dedicated to domestic issues of economic and social justice, van Capelle has spent a life time organizing for a better world.

Religious Leaders Unite for LGBT Rights in Immigration Reform Bill

The Jewish Daily Forward | April 5, 2013

As momentum builds in Congress for LGBT equality, locally, in New York, nearly 100 local interfaith leaders have signed a letter to Senator Charles Schumer to include equal protection for LGBT families in immigration reform legislation. “In the last two weeks we have seen an unprecedented amount of senators step forward in favor of equal marriage rights for same sex couples,” said Alan van Capelle, CEO of Bend the Arc. “They’ve talked about their journey and support…this immigration battle is the first opportunity to demonstrate their support.”

Bend the Arc CEO Alan van Capelle to Headline Temple Beth Shalom Social Justice Weekend

The Jewish Outlook | April 1, 2013

Bend the Arc CEO Alan van Capelle will headline Temple Beth Shalom's second annual social justice event, addressing issues including immigration, underpaid workers, health care for the elderly, and civil rights in the LGBT community.