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Torah offers economics lesson

The Tennessean | December 21, 2012

Last week, Jews across the globe read in the Torah how Joseph ascended spectacularly to become second in command of an enormous nation. He was praised as someone who possessed great business acumen and, ultimately, was able to avert a major economic disaster. To put it another way, Joseph managed to stop the impending “fiscal cliff” of his time.

Jewish clergy lobby against social program spending cuts

JTA | December 21, 2012

Jewish clergy, including Bend the Arc Rabbi-in-Residence Jason Kimelman-Block, joined an interfaith group  of Jewish, Muslim and Christian leaders that lobbied Congress to protect low-income Americans in “fiscal cliff” negotiations. 

Hard-fought Prop. 30 heralds hopeful future for state

J Weekly | December 20, 2012

By passing Prop. 30, the sales and income tax increase initiative, we averted new and devastating budget cuts that would have caused immediate suffering and increased inequality for years to come. The untold story is that Proposition 30’s margin of victory was delivered by Reclaim California’s Future, a coalition of grassroots, interfaith and labor organizations.

Jewish communal responsibility for the most vulnerable

Washington Jewish Week | December 19, 2012

When Jewish organizations use their political power to protect food stamps or a host of programs designed to help the most vulnerable members of society - Jewish and non-Jewish - it makes me feel proud to be part of this community and this tradition. But, when it comes to taxes, it becomes less comfortable. But a movement is afoot to reclaim not only the prophetic voice of our community, but to support a common-sense approach that is a good first step in repairing a broken budget and tax system. 

Was Hagel The "Buzz" At The White House Chanukah Party?

The Daily Beast | December 17, 2012

The "buzz" at the 2012 White House Hanukkah Party was all about the so-called fiscal cliff. "The conservation that I thought dominated was the fiscal cliff," said Alan van Capelle, echoing others. "My sense was that most people in that room care about social justice and were talking about the fiscal cliff was because of the 300 rabbis nationwide that signed the letter about supporting the repeal of the Bush tax cuts."