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Proposition 32 — Political contributions by payroll deductions: Organized labor protects interest

J Weekly | October 25, 2012

Throughout American history, labor unions have advocated for fair wages, hours, and working conditions.  However, as Bay Area regional council member Josh Weisman points out, many people don't see that unions still have a role to play in bending the arc towards justice.  Proposition 32 prevents "union members from using voluntary paycheck deductions to make contributions to their unions’ political organizing funds."  As a result, unions would have a much harder time marshaling resources to help lower- and middle-income Californians.  To protect unions, Mr. Weisman advocates the opposition of this proposition.  

This Thing Called Social Change: Building Support for California's Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act

The Huffington Post | October 25, 2012

In the midst of being laid-off twice, Jeremiah fellow and Bay Area Regional Council member Johana Gordon channeled her frustation from California's "failures in funding public education, raising state revenue, reducing debt and engaging in wasteful spending" through the Progressive Taxation for the Common Good campaign. By facilitating house meetings, she leads discussions regarding the facts of Prop 30 and the implications of it.

Prop. 30 — ‘Millionaires’ tax for education, public safety: To serve community take my taxes

J Weekly | October 18, 2012

Melanie Aron & David Biale, members of our Bay Area Regional Council write in the J Weekly about why Californians should vote yes on Prop 30 to support fair taxation. Without these modest tax increases, California, which once led the nation in the quality of its public education, will continue its slide to the bottom of the rankings.

Bend the Arc comes together for Proposition 30 in Berkeley

Sukkah gathering for Prop 30
Berkeley Patch | October 17, 2012

During the recent Jewish holiday of Sukkot, high school students, young professionals and adult Californians of all ages gathered in a Berkeley sukkah on October 4, to discuss the significance of voting yes on California’s Proposition 30 on Election Day. They are supporters of Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice, which is supporting Proposition 30, a ballot initiative that would establish a system of progressive taxation to increase opportunities across California.

Shofars blasting, Bend the Arc urges yes on Prop. 30

The Jewish Journal | October 17, 2012

Bend the Arc launched its campaign in support of Proposition 30 in a sukkah on a Santa Monica beach at the end of September, and on Oct. 15 convened about 40 people in the hot sun at Valley College to hear why students, educators and advocates for public education are urging Jews and other Californians to vote yes on 30.