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Statement on Governor Brown’s Veto of California’s Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Press Contact: 
Regina Weiss
Director of Communications
212-213-2113 x20
Release Date: 
Wednesday, October 3, 2012



Bend the Arc is disappointed and outraged by Governor Brown’s veto of A.B. 889, the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. Following a passionate legislative campaign to extend fair labor practices to domestic workers the most populous state in the country was on the threshold of changing history and Governor Brown faltered. This setback perpetuates a decade- long injustice—not only for hundreds of thousands of domestic workers in California, but also for every Californian who upholds the ideals of fairness and dignity.

Inspired by the leadership shown in the State Legislature, by Assembly Members Ammiano and V. Manuel Pérez, and Senator De León, and by the dedication of our members who advocated for the legislation, Bend the Arc remains committed to achieving justice for domestic workers.

Ever since the formation of national labor laws in the 1930s, the nannies, housekeepers, and caregivers who work in our homes have been excluded from the same workplace protections that most Americans enjoy. Bend the Arc is on the forefront of efforts across the country to end this historic, and antiquated, injustice. In 2010, Bend the Arc supported the nation’s first Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in New York State and since 2011 Bend the Arc has been proud to partner with the inspiring leaders of the California Domestic Workers Coalition, mobilizing the Jewish Community to support A.B. 889.

“After many decades of neglect, the caregivers, nannies and housekeepers who work in homes across California have heard their concerns addressed in the halls of power in Sacramento and they have come immeasurably close to achieving justice” said Alan van Capelle, Chief Executive Officer of Bend the Arc. “Bend the Arc is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with domestic workers, employers, and members in the long tradition of Jews organizing for labor rights. We are more committed than ever to seeing this bill become law and this historic wrong made right.” 

“Governor Brown’s veto is heartbreaking, but it does not defeat our commitment to bring hundreds of thousands of domestic workers into the fold of the same fair labor laws that govern most workforces,” van Capelle continued. “Bending the arc of history is never an easy or quick task, and it will take all of us working together to renew our efforts to pass the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.”