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True Stories from Undocumented Workers

April Newsletter
April 8, 2013
Bend the Arc

The Courage to Fight for Our FutureThe Courage to Fight for Our Future, from the Justice for Mercado Workers Campaign, illustrates just how easy it is to exploit, intimidate and endanger undocumented workers in the United States. The booklet features first-person accounts of a half-dozen immigrants who found themselves with little recourse when they were injured, interrogated, or had their wages stolen by their employer.

In addition to the workers’ narratives, The Courage to Fight for Our Future shows how the wage struggles of poor and middle class Americans are inextricably tied together, and includes essays by clergy members on the faith-based underpinnings for supporting just working conditions.

The booklet was created by Bend the Arc Bay Area in partnership with United Food and Commercial Workers Local 5 in San Jose California. Please share this booklet widely. It is a great starting place for talking about one of the most egregious and widespread results of our broken immigration system, and why protections for currently undocumented workers must be part of comprehensive reform.

Read The Courage to Fight for Our Future.