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Young Jews Travel the Nation Talking about Taxes

Rich Man Tour at the DNC
November 26, 2012


This summer Bend the Arc’s “If I Were a Rich Man” tour, a roving band of troubadours for justice, traveled to eight states – CA, TX, FL, OH, KY, TN, GA, and NC – talking to Americans about what it means to invest in the common good through an equitable tax system. The tour, which also made stops at the Republican National Convention in Tampa and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, was a great success, engaging Americans all over the country in an important conversation and building our relationships with allies, Jewish organizations and political leaders.

The tour showed that Jews not only talk the talk of pursuing justice, but get out there and walk the walk. The stories these young people shared from their road trip affirm that all over our nation, all kinds of people – from truck drivers to teachers, judges, real estate brokers, and stay-at-home dads – want a nation and a tax system that work for everyone. The “If I Were a Rich Man” tour generated tremendous interest and great media coverage, including stories on MSNBC and PBS, and in The Forward, The New York Jewish Week and dozens of other news outlets.

Rich Man Tour van

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