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Prop. 30 — ‘Millionaires’ tax for education, public safety: To serve community take my taxes


Melanie Aron & David Biale, members of our Bay Area Regional Council write in the J Weekly about why Californians should vote yes on Prop 30 to support fair taxation. Without these modest tax increases, California, which once led the nation in the quality of its public education, will continue its slide to the bottom of the rankings.

Shofars blasting, Bend the Arc urges yes on Prop. 30


Bend the Arc launched its campaign in support of Proposition 30 in a sukkah on a Santa Monica beach at the end of September, and on Oct. 15 convened about 40 people in the hot sun at Valley College to hear why students, educators and advocates for public education are urging Jews and other Californians to vote yes on 30. 

Bend the Arc Extends Its Reach: Social Justice Group Forges Affiliations in Minn. and D.C.


Bend the Arc has extended its reach further, forming affiliations with Minneapolis-based Jewish Community Action and Washington D.C.-based Jews United for Justice to continue to give voice to American Jews' desire to create a more fair and just nation.

The “Jewish” Vote


Bend the Arc Board Member Rabbi Aryeh Cohen says social and economic justice will drive the Jewish vote this year.

Saul Alinsky’s Moment?


JOIN for Justice holds summit for Jewish groups seeking to use the tools of community organizing.