Aber Kawas


Aber Kawas graduated in 2014 from The City College of New York's International Studies Program with a concentration in Latin American Studies. Aber has interned at CAIR New York, Urban Justice Center's Street Vendor Project and is now the Youth Lead Organizer at the Arab American Association of New York. She has worked with several organizations in the city around issues such as immigration, police surveillance, racial profiling, etc., and hopes to work to improve the conditions of immigrants in the New York area by providing programs and services to both them and their children. In addition, she has focused her academic career thus far on studying parallels between Latin America and the Middle East and solidarity movements between indigenous groups in both regions. She hopes, through her works and studies, to bring together several ethnic/religious communities in the future to advocate in unity against social injustices.

Resident Group: 
COR Cohort 5