Sam Sukaton


Sam organizes for a power shift - social, political, electrical - out of the hands of polluters and into the hands of people. Born in Pennsylvania to immigrant parents from Indonesia, Sam grew up in San Bernardino and went to UCLA, where he organized with students for relevant, affordable education at the height of the last state budget crisis. He continued his apprenticeship writing e-mails for faith-rooted organizers, advocating for universal healthcare, and supporting worker-called boycotts on hotels that mistreat their workers.


Sam continues to organize for power in California with the Sierra Club, where he organizes Angelenos and Southern Californians for climate justice, energy democracy, and access to wild and green spaces for historically oppressed communities, while also serving as a shop steward and vice-president of John Muir Local 100, the union for Sierra Club field staff. Sam lives, works, and believes in California, and is based in Los Angeles.

Resident Group: 
COR Cohort 5