Zoe Lewin


Zoe is a Los Angeles transplant who has been living in the Bay Area for five years! After attending UC Berkeley for her undergraduate degree, Zoe felt compelled to stay in Berkeley and started her position as curatorial assistant at The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life, a Jewish cultural heritage museum associated with UC Berkeley. While attending Cal, Zoe began organizing around Israel-Palestine issues in Jewish spaces on campus. In this year following her graduation and in the wake of the November 9th results, Zoe has been exploring what kinds of work, on a domestic level, she can do towards making this world more just and free. When she is not helping to curate exhibition at The Magnes, Zoe can be found at Berkeley Bowl West, climbing indoor rock walls, cooking and baking, and hiking around The Bay! Zoe is incredibly eager and humbled to be partaking in The Jeremiah Fellowship with a cohort of like-minded, inspired and inspiring Jewish young adults.

Fellowship Group: 
Bay Area 2017