Selah Leadership Program Testimonials

Organizationally, Selah offered my team concrete tools to become more flexible and adaptive. Selah taught us new ways to do things, to evaluate our work, and to strengthen our organizational thinking. 

-Ruth Messinger, Cohort 7: Organizational

The Selah program also gave me concrete tools to use in my everyday life to help me to maximize my potential as a rabbi. As a supervisor, pastoral counselor, prayer leader and teacher, I consistently draw up on the learning from the Selah program and it has allowed me to get to the next level in my own leadership.

-Rabbi Felicia Sol, Cohort 1: East Coast

The core pillars of Selah -- Purpose, Vision, Resourcefulness, Partnership, and Performance -- have become my organizational life blood. I use the teachings of each of these pillars in everything that I do, whether it be motivating staff, writing performance evaluations, public speaking, or fundraising.  

-Robert Bank, Cohort 2: East Coast and Cohort 7: Organizational

Who ever thought being pushed to acknowledge the full complement of my strengths and my obstacles to success could be so rewarding and so enjoyable! The relationships I have built in Selah have proved invaluable, personally and professionally.

-Elissa Barrett, Cohort 5: National and Cohort 7: Organizational

Selah has equipped me with the tools, concepts and language that have just begun to deepen my skills and ownership of my leadership and personal power for the benefit of my community. Executive leadership is incredibly demanding and Selah has bolstered my ability and confidence to more effectively address the challenges I encounter in my work.

-April Baskin, Cohort 10: National