Bay Area

Bend the Arc's Voter Guide to the 2016 California Propositions

The Bay Area and Southern California leaders of Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice are proud to provide this guide to the seventeen propositions appearing on California’s November ballot. Unlike many other guides, ours presents our underlying reasoning so that voters can, in the time-honored Jewish way, engage in healthy argument and arrive at their own conclusions. Unlike any other widely-available guide that we are aware of, ours provides a Jewish values connection to the issue.

Criminal Justice Reform Team Meeting

Mass incarceration has drastic impacts on our communities and Bend the Arc: Bay Area has joined a campaign to turn the tide. Today, close to 135,000 Californians are in state prison, costing more than $62,000 each annually. We need to end the cycle of mass incarceration and we should be spending more money on education than incarceration, especially of non-violent offenders. 

Join our Criminal Justice Reform campaign at our bi-montly team meeting.