Bay Area

Vigil Against Violence

Bend the Arc Jewish Action is asking Jews across the nation to join together in a day of action - the Vigil Against Violence - to honor the yahrzeit of civil rights workers James Chaney, Mickey Schwerner and Andrew Goodman and to stand up against Trump's politics of hate, bigotry and fear.

The Bay Area will host two vigils - one in the East Bay and one in downtown San Francisco - to remember the lives of Chaney, Schwerner and Goodman and to make our voices heard against Trump's hateful agenda.

Oakland Progressives Party + Townie Awards

Oakland Rising's 2016 Annual Oakland Progressives Party + Townie Awards brings together social justice leaders, elected officials and community members committed to working together to build a united Oakland for everyone. Together, Oakland Rising will raise over $22,000 in grassroots support to power our voter outreach and civic engagement campaigns that will reach 50,000 east and west Oakland voters this year.

Bend the Arc has been part of the Oakland Rising Collaborative since 2013.

Ari Breakstone

Born and raised in Berkeley, Ari has lived in the Bay Area for most of his life. After attending UC Santa Cruz, where he studied Anthropology and History and was editor-in-chief of a student newspaper, he began his career as a nonprofit development professional at the Jewish Community Federation.

Joel Gerwein

Dr. Joel Gerwein is an ecologist who manages environmental projects for the California Coastal Conservancy.  Joel has a longstanding interest in the connection between Judaism and the environment.  He co-wrote a curriculum on the subject entitled "Roots and Branches" for the Boston chapter of the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life and continues to teach and advocate about the subject at Congregation Netivot Shalom in Berkeley.  While studying at UMass Boston, he helped unionize his fellow graduate students. Joel grew up in the Washington, D.C.