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The Courage to Fight for Our Future: Justice for Mercado Workers

In the fight for immigration reform and worker's rights, Mercado Workers, nearly 10,000 in the Bay Area's growing ethnic market retail industry, are at the front lines. Many of them are undocumented, and their status makes them vulnerable to abuse. This booklet introduces the people behind the Justice for Mercado Workers Campaign; it highlights their stories fighting for safety and dignity in the face of injury and intimidation, and how Bend the Arc is working to support them.

The Death Penalty in Jewish Teachings

The death penalty is one of the most controversial issues that divide our country today since people hold deeply felt views that are anchored in powerful religious and moral convictions and evoke intense emotions. This resource is an educational tool to engage you in the debate about the death penalty from a Jewish perspective. 

Justice begins at home

If you've hired a nanny, house-cleaner or caregiver, we invite you to live your values at home. Download our Justice begins at home magnet for steps you can take today.