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Food & Justice Passover Haggadah

April 1, 2012

Looking for a Passover resource that will help you connect the dots between the “bread of freedom” and the work of creating a more just modern-day America? Looking for a Haggadah that will help you build food justice themes into your Passover celebration?  Bend the Arc created this Food & Justice Haggadah for a Passover Seder we hosted with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, on April 4, 2012. You can read about it on the White House blog and in USA Today.

Our Haggadah opens with an introduction from our Rabbi in Residence Jason Kimelman-Block:

The traditional Passover Seder describes matza as both “the bread of freedom” and “the bread of affliction.” The small, flat bread symbolizes the simple bread of the poor, while it also reminds us of deliverance from slavery. When we eat the matza during the Passover Seder, our unspoken assumption is that our discomfort will be limited; during the rest of year, we will enjoy our freedom and not subject ourselves to the “bread of affliction.”

Tonight is an opportunity to recommit ourselves to ensuring that the food we produce, buy, and eat truly is “the bread of freedom.” We do this by renewing our commitments to ensuring that no one goes hungry in this land of plenty and everyone has access to healthy and affordable food, that our food is grown in ways that are environmentally sustainable, and that all food production workers, from farmers to processors, drivers, and grocery and restaurant workers have safe workplaces and fair wages.

To learn more about food justice and the work we are doing on this issue, watch what participants in our Jeremiah Fellowship have done to take action in their community.

Happy Passover

Bend the Arc