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About the Campaign

This is a potentially historic moment. We have the opportunity in 2013 to right decades of terrible wrongs and pass once-in-a-lifetime legislation to fix our broken immigration system. Bend the Arc believes this is both an economic and a moral imperative, one thoroughly informed by Jewish principles and the American Jewish experience.

Learn more about the mixed legacies of immigration policies and the goals for our immigration reform campaign.

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Tzedec Economic Development Fund 2012 Annual Investor Report

Bend the Arc is pleased to present the 2012 investor report for the Tzedec Economic Development Fund (TEDF). TEDF's community investments support important work to develop affordable housing, reduce blight, and create jobs in cities from Boston to Los Angeles. We invite you to read through this report, which highlights the accomplishments of TEDF in 2012.

Tzedec Economic Development Fund FY2012 audit

Report on audit of financial statements of the Tzedec Economic Development Fund (TEDF) for FY2012.

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Around the Bend- Fall-Winter 2012

Around the Bend

Find out what's new at Bend the Arc in our newsletter, Around the Bend, featuring a note from the CEO, campaign updates, a donor profile, and more all showing the impact that we are making.

The Death Penalty in Jewish Teachings

The death penalty is one of the most controversial issues that divide our country today since people hold deeply felt views that are anchored in powerful religious and moral convictions and evoke intense emotions. This resource is an educational tool to engage you in the debate about the death penalty from a Jewish perspective.