Response Fund at Work

“My phone has been ringing nonstop with folks looking for resources,” the head of one Newark nonprofit told Bend the Arc. “The money you are raising will help thousands of families. I’ve never experienced anything like this.”

Tracking the Impact: Immediate Relief

After the storm, Bend the Arc's Hurricane Sandy Response Fund focused immediate resources on helping residents of Newark, New Jersey get back on their feet, in a partnership forged with Newark Mayor Cory Booker. Here is how donations were put to use for immediate relief:

Updated 1/18

  • You may have heard the terrible story about Mudiwa Benson and Kenya Barber, two 19 year old young women, friends and roommates, who died from carbon monoxide poisoning from the generator they were using trying to stay warm after the massive power outages caused by the storm. While nothing can lighten this tragic loss, Kenya’s family was relieved of the added misery of being unable to pay for their daughter's funeral. Through a grant from our Hurricane Sandy Response Fund, we were able to honor the Jewish principle of kavod ha-met, respect for the dead, and help the family in this time of need.
  • Funds were dispersed to alleviate hunger and cover basic needs, like diapers. With widespread power loss, tens of thousands of people in Newark lost what food they had and did not have the resources to replace it. Thanks to the generosity of donors, within hours we were able to get funds to quickly purchase food and other necessities into the hands of a network of 17 Newark nonprofits that work regularly with the city’s most vulnerable families.

Learn more about the Hurricane Sandy Response Fund and our plan to invest in the long-term recovery of areas most affected by the storm.