Service Learning

One of the most powerful and meaningful experiences was during one of our last group meetings together when we talked about the impact the trip had on our lives and ways we want to incorporate change into our lives.

-Alisa Kotler-Berkowitz

We are driven by Jewish history, teachings and tradition, and by Jewish ethical and spiritual beliefs to create the society we want to live in – one where basic fairness and the common good underpin and motivate our actions. We believe that we are called to join hands, lend our collective strength, and work together to create the world we want to live in. Our Service Learning program is one way we help to launch young people on this path. 

Each year we bring hundreds of people from all over the country to work in partnership with communities in New York, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and the Gulf Coast. They carry out service projects that are directed by local organizations we have longstanding relationships with. Program participants also attend talks and events that provide context for the service work, and study Jewish texts that underpin the effort to create a more just society. They offer valuable service and learn about difficulties the host community faces, while they reflect on their own assumptions and responsibilities.

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Springing Into Action


Spring Break is often a time for beach parties and fun in the sun, but for many students on college campuses throughout America, Spring Break is increasingly a time for serving our communities and our earth through immersive service-learning experiences.