The United States is home to more than 300 million people with roots all over the world. We believe that when any group of people is treated wrongly, everyone in our nation is harmed. We have the resources to ensure that every one of us enjoys social and economic opportunity, and is protected by the same rights and liberties that define America’s great promise.

Through our programs – which invest in people and communities – we model solutions that work, and that can be replicated. And all over the country, individuals, communities and institutions are creating new solutions to old problems every day. But it takes all of us, working together, to make change. Please explore these solutions. Then join us in Bending the Arc.


When the rights of some are trampled, the rights of all are compromised.

We have to ask, do wages that leave families in poverty serve America? 

One way to be an ethical consumer is to align your banking with your values.

Sound, safe affordable housing is essential to healthy communities and a healthy nation.

All communities can be healthy communities with access to good food and space to play.