Concrete tools for everyday life

The fact that Selah was linked to maximizing my potential as an activist was both challenging (because I didn’t necessarily see myself as an activist) and compelling. As a consequence of the Selah program, I now identify as an activist and am consistently returning to the question: What is my purpose? With this as my core question, I am willing to take more risks in terms of my desires for the world and can be more strategic about the relationships I seek out, the work I take on and my mission. Questioning my purpose awakens and challenges me to be doing my work in the world from a deeply soulful place while forcing me to recognize when I am not aligned with my sense of purpose. The Selah program helped to give me language to work within this powerful framework.

The Selah program also gave me concrete tools to use in my everyday life to help me to maximize my potential as a rabbi. As a supervisor, pastoral counselor, prayer leader and teacher, I consistently draw up on the learning from the Selah program and it has allowed me to get to the next level in my own leadership.

Rabbi Felicia Sol, Cohort 1: East Coast, 2004
Rabbi Felicia Sol serves as a spiritual leader at Congregation B’nai Jeshurun in New York City. She is also serves on the board of Bend the Arc.

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