The gift that keeps giving


I waited seven years after becoming the president of CFED (Corporation for Enterprise Development) to follow my board’s advice and participate in a leadership development program. Before I discovered Selah, I could not find a program that combined the concrete skills, experienced peers, program design and level of time commitment that convinced me to take the leap. What I discovered is that the Selah training and network is the gift that keeps giving in both expected and unexpected ways. I found the program to simultaneously challenge, inspire and teach me how to strengthen and make my leadership more sustainable and understand how it related to my Judaism. The core practices offer a unique combination of practical tools, management philosophy and insights from brain and behavioral science that have helped me to reinvent aspects of my leadership. Equally valuable to the personal benefits, however, is the network of colleagues that I met during the training who have become partners, mentors and friends — or all of the above within a Jewish commitment to social justice. These relationships continue inform and enhance my work in ways I could never have predicted, and make the Selah experience come alive to me on a daily basis.  Many people say that being a leader can be a lonely job; with Selah, I always feel in surrounded by wise and warm friends.


Andrea Levere, Cohort 9




Andrea Levere is president of the Corporation for Enterprise Development.

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