Testimonial - Melissa Rudnick

COR connected me to phenomenal organizers - some seasoned, some emerging — all dedicated to seeking justice and achieving concrete improvements in people's lives; all dedicated to their faiths, their identities, their communities; to empowering others for change; to building power; to forming alliances across lines of race & faith; to actively pursuing racial, social and economic justice; and to sustaining, nourishing and stretching themselves and the movement in the process. COR created a space for me to reflect on my organizing; identify areas of needed growth; think about my own personal leadership and path. COR filled me with hope and energy, and helped me ground my organizing in my faith and in key values modeled by other residents including kindness, optimism, openness, and compassion. COR gave me a space to work towards being my whole self, and to explore the importance of sustainability and self-care. I have been beyond honored and thrilled to be in this residency with such incredible people — the relationships and lessons will last well past six months and I am so happy to be connected to such a wise, gifted, diverse, insightful, supportive, loving, unique family of organizers. I believe that COR and the COR family will impact the movement for the better. Thank you.

-Melissa Rudnick