Testimonial - Sophia Lanza-Weil

Being a part of the cohort has been the single most supportive, enriching experience of my professional organizing life.  For the first time, I felt not only fully accepted in all aspects of my identity and experience, but also accountable to the cohort to challenge myself to be as authentic and open as possible when incorporating my faith into organizing habits I’ve developed over 10 years. This experience has not only allowed me to explore more deeply the link between my Jewish faith and organizing, but also to explore more deeply my faith as it intersects with and is strengthened by the values and stories mirrored in the faith traditions of others in the cohort. The challenge to integrate faith, organizing and personal story has strengthened my abilities as an organizer, something that would not have been possible without the thoughtful support of my cohort peers and the incredible mentorship of the Bend the Arc staff along the way.

-Sophia Lanza-Weil