Testimonial - Talia Cooper

In my fifth year on staff at Jewish Youth for Community Action (JYCA), I finally figured out how to reach out for support by joining Bend the Arc’s interfaith Community Organizing Residency. Joining a national cohort of interfaith organizers has helped me bring my own organizing and my organization's activism to a whole new level. This year has been particularly special for JYCA youth and youth all around the world, with major uprisings being led in large part by young people. COR has made a real difference for me, backing my leadership with support, mentorship and a peer community to help me think about my long term goals, while supporting me with the immediate and day to day work of being a director and a youth organizer. With all of JYCA's momentum this year, I have begun to engage our community in bigger conversations about JYCA expansion. I am starting to ask questions to help bring our organization to a new level where we can reach farther and create a deeper impact. Having the support and community of COR has helped give me the strength and confidence needed to embark on this new process. For this I am deeply grateful to my peers and mentors in the program.

-Talia Cooper