Tools to become flexible and adaptive

On a personal level, Selah provided me with a great opportunity to step back from the day-to-day and reflect on my leadership style. It was helpful to get new and different perspectives on how to exercise my leadership more effectively. Organizationally, Selah offered my team concrete tools to become more flexible and adaptive. Using Selah tools like POP, we are now sharper about the focus of our internal meetings. With a shared language and leadership skill set among many members of the organization, we are now better at confronting issues rather than skirting around them. Selah taught us new ways to do things, to evaluate our work, and to strengthen our organizational thinking. These are essential skills for AJWS to respond better to constantly changing environments and a difficult economic climate. 

Ruth Messinger, Cohort 7: Organizational, 2009
Ruth Messinger is the President and CEO of American Jewish World Service, an international organization that fosters civil society, sustainable development, and human rights for all people, while promoting the values and responsibilities of global citizenship within the Jewish community.

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