What's Jewish about Community Investing?

“Justice, justice shall you pursue”

Community investing furthers justice. In a society of great abundance, we can create opportunity through our financial investments. As Maimonides and generations of Jews have understood, a loan that helps an individual to become economically self-sufficient is far more valuable than a one-time gift. Community investing leads to self-sufficiency and economic mobility, allowing those who have been disenfranchised by our economy to lift themselves up through their own skills and determination.

Jewish Values: Tzedec fulfills Jewish teachings that emphasize partnership and investment as the highest form of giving.

Jewish Identity: Tzedec’s social justice mission energizes Jews and attracts unaffiliated Jewish activists and funders to Jewish life.

Jewish History: Community-based financial services continue the self-help tradition of the Hebrew Free Loan Societies, which helped American Jews create wealth in the last century.

Jewish Needs: Community investment is critical for creating healthy and sustainable cities and neighborhoods for all, including low-income, elderly, and immigrant Jews.