Celebrate 10 years of organizing American Jews to pursue justice

Celebrating 10 years of organizing American Jews to pursue justice

Founded in 2012, Bend the Arc is building a multiracial, multiethnic, intergenerational movement of Jews and allies all across the country who are rising with conviction to build an American future free from white supremacy, antisemitism, and racism.

For 10 years — from the groundbreaking years of Barack Obama's presidency, through the relentless years of the Trump Administration — Bend the Arc has been the only national Jewish organization focused exclusively on progressive social change in the United States.

Scroll down to see highlights from the last 10 years and a preview of what's ahead.

Quotes from a few of our friends

Read kind words from our partners, movement leaders, and members of Congress who we work alongside for liberation. 

We can do it together, Bend the Arc. Thank you so much for all the work that you continue to do to bring the very best of what hope, freedom and liberation can look like when we work together.

Rashad Robinson
President, Color of Change

Bend the Arc has been an incredible partner in the fight to stem the tide of white nationalism and win bold, progressive victories. You've built a real movement of progressive Jews, pushing back and resisting divisive and cruel immigration policies.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal

I want to thank Bend the Arc for your expansive definition of justice and for all the alliances you’re building, and I’m thrilled to be in conversation with such wonderful people.

Naomi Klein
Author, The Shock Doctrine

— Bidding farewell to Stosh —

Bend the Arc is the organization it is today because of Stosh Cotler's leadership — with eighteen years working with us, including eight as our CEO.

“Building and leading Bend the Arc has been the honor of my life. As we approach our tenth anniversary, I am overwhelmed with pride and gratitude for all we have accomplished together.”

Stosh Cotler
Bend the Arc’s CEO, 2014 - February 2022

Celebrate 10 years of organizing American Jews to pursue justice

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