Download our California 2020 Voter Guide

Download our California 2020 Voter Guide

Bend the Arc: Jewish Action is back with another California Voter Guide grounded in Jewish values and a commitment to social justice. Fill out the form to download the guide today.

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This year’s election will be one of the most significant of our lifetime, and an engaged, informed, and representative electorate is crucial to our collective future.

We created a voter guide to help you vote the full ballot as you join us in building a multi-racial democracy. We assessed the twelve propositions appearing on the 2020 California ballot, as well as one key local Los Angeles County measure, analyzing their meaning and likely impact on all Californians.

The toll exacted on our communities by underfunded public schools, a growing system of mass incarceration, and the depletion of affordable housing, affordable healthcare, and living wage jobs demands urgent response. It is our collective duty to vote in ways that continue dismantling systems of oppression and white supremacy in order to build a more just, equitable society.

Join us and our partners as we vote to build a California that better reflects our values. A better world is possible, and we will create it together!

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