Tell Congress: Deliver a Budget That Invests in Our Communities

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In March, President Biden released his budget — a direct reflection of his administration’s priorities. The President’s budget showed us too many ways that his stated values do not align with his actions, particularly when it comes to policies that disproportionately harm Black and brown members of our communities.

Now the action (and the government funding process) moves to Congress, as they consider the President’s budget request and do the work of writing the next fiscal year’s government funding bills. It’s our job to hold them accountable to passing a budget that invests in our communities.

Members of Congress are hearing now what constituents, community groups, and corporate lobbyists want prioritized in this year’s government funding bills. We’re calling on Congress to cut funding from punitive, racist, enforcement-focused systems and invest in programs that create the conditions where every member of our communities are safe and can thrive — contact your members of Congress now to make sure they hear loud and clear what you, and our movement for justice, expect of them this year.

You can check out Bend the Arc’s full letter to Congress here.