Bend the Arc Calls on Trump Campaign to Return Donations from White Nationalist Leaders

Bend the Arc Calls on Trump Campaign to Return Donations from White Nationalist Leaders

September 16, 2016

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Release Date: Friday, September 16, 2016


NEW YORK - Following reports that Donald Trump's presidential campaign has accepted contributions from prominent white nationalists, including the editors of Counter-Currents and VDare, both forums for racial hatred and havens for the 'alt-right,' Stosh Cotler, CEO of Bend the Arc Jewish Action, issued the following statement:

"These contributions are just the latest evidence that Donald Trump is the candidate of white supremacy. His anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim agenda aligns perfectly with the agendas of these prominent anti-Semitic white nationalists, whose toxic and hateful views have been brought to the mainstream of American politics by Trump's candidacy. The fact that these hatemongers find common cause with Trump's campaign should alarm anyone concerned for basic human rights and equality in this country. Equally alarming is the repeated failure of Trump and his surrogates to fully reject the support of such individuals, with vice presidential nominee Mike Pence recently declining to describe former KKK leader David Duke as 'deplorable.'

"We call on the Trump campaign to immediately return these donations and to vocally and forcefully condemn white nationalism. Further, we urge all Americans to stand against Trump's hateful rhetoric and join us to defeat him in November."

Bend the Arc Jewish Action is mobilizing Jews nationwide to defeat Donald Trump through its "We've Seen This Before" campaign, including a national ground campaign to organize Jews from across the country to travel to swing states to help turn out voters of all faiths to stop Trump. Previously, Bend the Arc Jewish Action organized a series of Vigils Against Violence in 50 different cities across the country to denounce Trump's hateful agenda and mounted an aggressive digital campaign targeting the Republican Jewish Coalition. The campaign builds on Bend the Arc Jewish Action's leadership in the Jewish community combatting extremism and bigotry in this year's presidential race, including a strong denouncement of Trump's plan to start a government registry of Muslims last fall and a televised campaign, "Heard it Before", comparing anti-immigrant rhetoric in the presidential campaign to what Jewish immigrants faced a century ago. For more information, visit