Bend the Arc on Trump's Continued Refusal to Condemn White Nationalists and Antisemitism

Bend the Arc on Trump's Continued Refusal to Condemn White Nationalists and Antisemitism

February 15, 2017

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Release Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2017


New York – Following Donald Trump's response to questions at a press conference in which he again failed to denounce his white nationalist and antisemitic supporters, Stosh Cotler, CEO of Bend the Arc Jewish Action, released the following statement:

“Donald Trump's inability to simply condemn antisemitism boggles the mind. Rather than acknowledge the rising tide of antisemitism in the United States (driven largely by his embrace of white nationalist staffers, rhetoric and policies), he opted instead to brag once again about his Electoral College victory.

Trump may claim to love the Jewish people, but his actions demonstrate callous indifference to antisemitism at best and outright advancement at worst.  Furthermore, regarding the “different United States” he promised to deliver, we have seen a glimpse of that different country.  It is frankly terrifying.

“Trump’s bizarre performance comes on the heels of yet another one of his advisers, Kellyanne Conway, retweeting a post from a white nationalist Trump supporter. This marks just the latest in a long history of Trump advisers and staff echoing and bolstering white supremacist views. We urge all political leaders to condemn antisemitism, white supremacy, and oppose the radical agenda that Trump is advancing.”

Bend the Arc Jewish Action has been a leader across the country in rallying the American Jewish community to fight back against the Trump administration’s policies. The organization has developed a toolkit helping Jews to take action in their communities and build a movement of Jewish resistance to Trump’s agenda.  An open letter co-authored by Stosh Cotler, CEO of Bend the Arc Jewish Action expressing solidarity with those threatened by the Trump administration received more than 45,000 signatures. In addition, a joint petition with the Muslim Public Affairs Council calling for white nationalist Steve Bannon to resign as White House chief strategist received an additional 29,000 signatures.”