Bend the Arc Pittsburgh statement on Summer Lee’s apparent victory in PA-12 primary

Bend the Arc Pittsburgh statement on Summer Lee’s apparent victory in PA-12 primary

May 19, 2022

Thursday, May 19
Contact: Logan Smith
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Bend the Arc Pittsburgh statement on Summer Lee’s apparent victory in PA-12 primary

PITTSBURGH – Bend the Arc: Jewish Action Pittsburgh released the following statement on Thursday after Congressional candidate Summer Lee declared victory in the PA-12 Democratic primary, with Lee currently leading the vote total:

“Once all the votes are counted, this will be a major win for the local activists and community members who helped power Summer Lee’s candidacy despite a flood of attacks by right-wing special interests,” said Jonathan Mayo, a leader with Bend the Arc: Jewish Action Pittsburgh. “More than that, it’s a victory for everyone working to build a more just and thriving future for all Pennsylvanians.”

“As our multiracial Jewish community sits in grief, love, solidarity, and support with the Black community in Buffalo and all who are in pain right now, we are reminded once again that white supremacy poses an existential threat to the dream of a democratic America where every single person can be safe and thrive. The racist and antisemitic ‘Great Replacement’ conspiracy theory which motivated the Buffalo shooter is the same ideology which incited the worst massacre of Jewish Americans in our nation’s history nearly four years ago here in Pittsburgh, as well as other acts of mass violence targeting Jewish and Muslim people, immigrants, people of color, and other marginalized communities.”

“But even as right-wing politicians, media, and special interests continue to incite fear and hatred for electoral gain, we refuse to let the violence directed at our communities stop us from working together to build a multiracial democracy. Attempts to demonize immigrants, undermine elections, and restrict reproductive rights are all part of the white nationalist agenda which the right is enforcing through rhetoric and policy, and Jewish progressives are rising up to reject it alongside our allies and champions like Rep. Summer Lee.”

“Throughout this campaign and her time in the state legislature, Rep. Lee has demonstrated the courage and vision necessary in this moment to stop the right’s machinery of hatred and fear in its tracks – and we are looking forward to helping her become Pennsylvania’s first Black woman elected to Congress in November.”

Bend the Arc: Jewish Action is uniting a movement of tens of thousands of progressive Jews across the country who are fighting for justice and equality for all. We are the only national Jewish organization focused exclusively on social change in the United States.