Bend the Arc’s final 2020 ad features Jewish voters’ hopes for a post-Trump, post-COVID world

Friday, October 30
Contact: Logan Smith
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Bend the Arc’s final 2020 ad features Jewish voters’ hopes for a post-Trump, post-COVID world
Jewish artists produced “Our Hopes” ad crowdsourced from Jewish voters across the country

WASHINGTON – Bend the Arc: Jewish Action released its closing ad of the 2020 campaign on Friday, an inspiring vision of a post-Trump, post-COVID world crowdsourced from Jewish voters all over the United States.

To make the ad, titled “Our Hopes,” Bend the Arc: Jewish Action asked members to send in their visions for the future. Those clips were then put together with an animation by the creative team of Tom Haviv, Sam Fine, and Stephen Levin, with music by Batya Levine.

[Click here to watch the ad on YouTube]

“This ad is a different way to appeal to Jewish voters by sharing the hopes and aspirations of real people -- a positive look at the world we can build together by voting for Joe Biden and Democrats down the ballot in this election,” said Stosh Cotler, CEO of Bend the Arc: Jewish Action. “Across the country, Jewish voters and our allies are rising up together to fight for a country where we are all truly safe and free.”

Bend the Arc’s first ad of the campaign, “Tradition,” recast the 2020 election in the context of the Jewish history of activism. Where “Tradition” showed the blueprint that our ancestors gave us for this moment, “Our Hopes” is a look forward at the kinds of ancestors we want to be for future generations.

The ad is part of Bend the Arc: Jewish Action’s national “We Rise As One” campaign, which is inspiring and motivating Jewish voters to take their place in the great Jewish tradition of rising up and pursuing justice for all. Each ad is targeted on digital platforms to the same Jewish swing voters which are being contacted by Bend the Arc’s “Vote Out Fear” program, which has so far made over 2.2 million voter contact attempts in states including Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Arizona.

Other ads released by Bend the Arc in recent days include an ad featuring a Holocaust survivor reflecting on the current political climate, an ad targeting Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz for bringing a Holocaust denier to the State of the Union, and an ad targeting Minnesota Rep. Jim Hagedorn’s history of using racist and antisemitic rhetoric to divide Minnesota voters.

Bend the Arc: Jewish Action is uniting a movement of tens of thousands of progressive Jews across the country who are fighting for justice and equality for all. We are the only national Jewish organization focused exclusively on social change in the United States.