Bend the Arc: Soros Bombing Attempt ‘Inevitable Consequence’ Of Trump And GOP Antisemitic Conspiracies


CONTACT: Elliot Levy,, 202-800-7409

New York – Following reports of a bomb discovered in the mailbox of Jewish investor and activist George Soros, Stosh Cotler, CEO of Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, released the following statement:

“This shocking act of violence and intimidation directed at George Soros is the inevitable consequence of years of antisemitism-laden conspiracy theories being spread by the Right, including Donald Trump and the Republican Party, a pattern that has rapidly escalated in recent weeks. When the president proudly declares himself a nationalist and calls fellow white nationalists “very fine people,” when he encourages acts of violence against his political opponents, normalizes racism, whips up anti-immigrant hysteria, and foments antisemitism by claiming that grassroots opposition is controlled by Mr. Soros, this is the result. And none of us should forget how the GOP is brazenly bolstering the president’s destructive tactics and message, weaponizing antisemitic and racist tropes in ads, and evendirectly collaborating with violent white nationalist gangs.

“Jews recognize this pattern all too well. For Jews across the political spectrum, the time has come to condemn and reject the president and make clear that this violence, antisemitism and white nationalism are absolutely abhorrent and a danger to us all.”