Bend the Arc applauds House vote to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees, calls for further consequences for GOP

Thursday, February 4
Contact: Logan Smith
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Bend the Arc statement on House vote on Marjorie Taylor Greene’s committee assignments
Greene’s antisemitic conspiracy theories and racist, anti-Muslim rhetoric should have no place in our democracy

WASHINGTON – Bend the Arc: Jewish Action released the following statement on Thursday in response to the House vote to strip Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s committee assignments for her history of antisemitic, anti-Muslim, and other inflammatory statements:

“It’s tempting to laugh at Marjorie Taylor Greene’s absurd fantasies about ‘Jewish space lasers,’ but there is nothing funny about the hatred and violence which is fueled by her incendiary rhetoric,” said Stosh Cotler, CEO of Bend the Arc: Jewish Action. “Greene’s antisemitic conspiracy theories and racist, anti-Muslim rhetoric should have no place in the halls of Congress, and removing her from House committees is an appropriate start toward holding her accountable. However, the broader problem here isn’t the ravings of a back-bench congresswoman, but the shameful complicity of Republicans in refusing to stand up to their colleague’s bigotry, and by defending Greene’s racism and Islamophobia with more racism and Islamophobia.” 

Despite Greene’s assertion that her association with QAnon ended at the end of 2018, and that she did not spread any of the conspiracies she is now being criticized for while running for office, her Twitter posts in 2019 and 2020 tell a very different story.

In early 2019 — after the date by which she claimed to have “walked away” from QAnon — Greene tweeted “America will you awaken?” which can be interpreted as a reference to the “Great Awakening” promised by QAnon. Well into her campaign in 2020, Greene was regularly posting antisemitic dog whistles like the word “globalist,” and furiously writing about Jewish philanthropist George Soros. She labeled Soros an “enemy of the people” who was “funding the destruction of America,” also claiming that “any Democrat running for prosecutor (or judge) is bankrolled and totally owned by @georgesoros.”

In addition to Greene’s history of incendiary comments, Mother Jones revealed on Thursday that Greene moderates a Facebook page with numerous posts repeating conspiracy theories and advocating violence, including memes promoting the slogan “Day of the Rope” — a reference to the mass hangings of “race traitors” fantasized in the white supremacist novel, The Turner Diaries. 

Greene herself has made similar calls for the execution of Democratic politicians. On multiple occasions in 2018 and 2019, she suggested that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had committed “treason” and should “suffer death.”

Bend the Arc: Jewish Action has been tracking Greene’s history of promoting antisemitic conspiracy theories at, our resource monitoring the spread of antisemitism and conspiracies from far-right extremists who have taken over the GOP.

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