An Open Letter to American Voters from Bend the Arc: Pittsburgh

Almost one week ago, eleven Jewish Americans were slaughtered during prayer at one of Pittsburgh’s synagogues on the Sabbath.

“All Jews must die,” the killer shouted, before opening fire on our friends and neighbors.

For three years, from the campaign trail to the White House, Donald Trump has orchestrated an assault on American values. People inspired by his hateful rhetoric have harmed and killed your fellow Americans in Kentucky, Florida, Oregon, California and Pennsylvania.

These were not random acts of violence. These were calculated acts of hatred, fomented by the rhetoric, speech and policies of Donald Trump, and leaders of the Republican Party who enable him.

Under the leadership of President Trump and the Republican Party, we are increasingly divided, fearful of each other, and surrounded by words of hate.

How do we change direction?

On the eve of this critical election, we ask you to reject the hate and the fear and the lies, and instead work towards a nation where we can all thrive. Where we can all be safe.

A week has passed since our friends and neighbors were murdered, and President Trump still refuses to denounce an ideology that has cost American lives and continues to threaten our families.

We may not all agree on taxes or Medicare. That’s OK. But we all deserve a politics based on truth, shaped by decency, and not driven by fear and exclusion.

When you enter the voting booth, we implore you to think of our beloved Pittsburgh Jewish community, and all of the communities around the country whose lives have been devastated by violence incited by words of hate.

Our country is at a crossroads. And the power to decide our direction is in your hands this Election Day. We ask that you vote as if your life and safety depend on it.

Because they do.


Bend the Arc: Pittsburgh Steering Committee