End Republicans’ anti-Muslim blockade

End Republicans’ anti-Muslim blockade


Republicans senators are blocking an administration nomination because of anti-Muslim bias. Take action to send a clear message as American Jews: we will not abide by anti-Muslim obstruction, especially in our name.

In March, President Biden nominated Dilawar Syed to be the deputy administrator of the Small Business Administration, but Republicans on the Small Business Committee have blocked a vote for half a year. Egregiously, they’ve generated false accusations of antisemitism to rationalize their opposition. 

Bend the Arc, other Jewish organizations, and our partners are taking action to support of Syed’s confirmation and reject Republicans’ transparent anti-Muslim obstruction. Their false accusations hurt our neighbors and harm our Jewish community. But we are strongest when we act together. 

This unprecedented blockade needs to end now. Send a letter to ask Senate Majority Leader Schumer to bring the vote to the Senate floor and advance Dilawar Syed’s nomination.