Tell Congress: Hold Trump accountable & protect immigrants

Tell Congress: When you vote, hold Trump accountable & protect immigrants

On Tuesday, Congress will vote on bills to fund the government through October 2020.

The Defund Hate coalition has succeeded in blocking Trump’s request for billions of dollars for the wall, detention, and deportation.

But Congress needs to also stop Trump’s ability to grab money from other budgets like he did with FEMA to build his wall and harm immigrant communities.

Your member of Congress needs to hear from you TODAY that you expect them to hold Trump accountable.

Here's a sample script you can use:

"Hi, my name is [NAME] and I'm calling from [CITY] to ask [MEMBER OF CONGRESS] to demand more accountability for ICE and CBP before voting on the DHS funding bill that Congress will consider this week. That means restricting Trump’s ability to raid other government budgets to fund the wall and detain and deport immigrants. Removing his “transfer authority” will ensure that Trump does not continue to abuse his power."