Bend the Arc: House Resolution Correctly Recognizes that Different Forms of Bigotry Must Be Addressed Together


CONTACT: Elliot Levy, [email protected], 202-800-7409

New York – Following the release of a proposed House resolution condemning antisemitism alongside anti-Muslim bigotry, Ginna Green, Chief Strategy Officer of Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, released the following statement:

“The proposed House resolution released today is an important reminder that our collective safety relies on our collective solidarity, and it is a victory for the organizing and advocacy of the many community organizations who rose up in solidarity. We applaud the House leaders who listened to dozens of groups representing millions of Americans that joined us in pushing for a People’s Resolution, which emphasizes that antisemitism, Islamophobia, racism, and xenophobia reinforce each other, and must be addressed together. That spirit is reflected in today’s resolution. We are proud to have moved Congress toward a fuller understanding of the challenges and threats our communities face.

“We are committed to unity with all those in our society who suffer the fear of hatred and the pain of oppression. We cannot and will not allow our own fear and pain to be weaponized in order to divide our communities. And we see the attempt by President Trump and Republican leaders to exploit this pain for what it is: cynical, bad-faith political posturing by a party that has wholeheartedly embraced a white nationalist agenda and the antisemitic, anti-Muslim, and racist conspiracy theories and policies that accompany it.

“This has been a painful week for American Jews. For many in our community, Rep. Omar's recent word choices registered as antisemitic tropes and caused pain, while others came to an entirely different conclusion and were pained to see a leader unfairly singled out by Islamophobia and racism. We need to make room for everyone’s pain and truth.

“We hope that today’s vote will represent a new chapter in Congress where each member becomes better aware of the forms of hate and oppression that impact all of us, and commits to taking action. Congress must meaningfully address the threat of violent white nationalism, policies driven by white supremacy, and all other forms of hatred. We are ready to work in solidarity toward a future that matches our collective vision: a true multiracial democracy where we are all safe to live, love, and thrive.”

On March 5, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action released the People’s Resolution, a response to Congress’ plan to vote on a resolution condemning antisemitism. The People’s Resolution, which has been co-signed by more than 30 progressive groups, explains that “antisemitism in the United States cannot be separated from other forms of bigotry that endanger our families, our communities, and our lives on a daily basis.”