Sign the open letter: Georgia Jews for Warnock

Sign the open letter: Georgia Jews for Warnock

We are rising up in Georgia to build a country that is truly for all of us. Let’s get one step closer by electing Rev. Warnock this election. Will you add your name to show your support?

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In Georgia, we know what it means to care for our neighbors. We know how powerful we are when we show up for each other. And as Georgia Jews, we know it makes a difference when our neighbors have our backs and we have theirs — whether we’re simply walking down the street or through the doors of our holy spaces.

Only one candidate running for Senate in Georgia’s special election has been a trusted ally of the Atlanta Jewish community and a fierce advocate for the issues we care about: Rev. Raphael Warnock.

As Jews, we believe that pikuach nefesh — prioritizing the health and safety of ourselves, families, friends, and neighbors — takes precedence over almost all other considerations. Rev. Warnock shares that priority. He has advocated for Medicaid expansion and fought back against an immoral budget that would have cut funding for children’s health care.

Our tradition also tells us that every person deserves dignity and respect, no matter what we look like or where we come from. Rev. Warnock proudly supports movements for racial and immigrant justice and works with members of the LGBTQ+ community against housing, financial, and employment discrimination.

The difference between Rev. Warnock and his opponents couldn’t be more stark. Kelly Loeffler is an unelected Senator most famous for using her position to profit off the pandemic. In recent months, she’s attempted to use Jews to attack racial justice movements and was one of the featured attendees at President Trump’s Amy Coney Barrett superspreader event. Meanwhile, Doug Collins has continued to defend and align himself with Trump — who puts all of our communities in danger.

Georgians deserve leaders who care about all of us, not ones who point fingers and use fear to hold on to power.

That’s why there’s a clear choice in the Senate special election: Reverend Raphael Warnock. That’s why we are Jews for Warnock.