What we’re reading: New reports on Jews of Color and the gender gap

🔎 What we’re reading: Check out these important reports on Jews of Color and the gender gap in Jewish communities. 🔍


We usually write to you about what Bend the Arc leaders and staff are doing across the country.

Today, we’re excited to share critical research from two Jewish organizations we love working with — because part of organizing for justice is learning from and amplifying our community experts!

Here are two new reports from our partners:

Headline from Jewish Telegraphic Agency reading Researchers unveil massive study on Jews of color, boosting fight for racial justice with hard data



Our friends at the Jews of Color Initiative just released a major new report, Beyond the Count: Perspectives and Lived Experiences of Jews of Color.

Based on data from 1,000+ survey respondents and interviews with 60+ Jews of Color (JoC), Beyond the Count is an unprecedented study of Jews of Color that will enable our Jewish communities to better work towards racial equity and inclusion.

What you’ll find in the report:

  • How Jews of Color think about Jewish identity and expression
  • Data on JoC experiences with racism and discrimination inside and outside of Jewish spaces
  • Reflections on belonging and the importance of JoC spaces
  • Recommendations for interventions in our communities and organizations

Some key statistics we’re thinking about:

  • A vast majority of survey respondents (80%) agreed they have experienced discrimination in Jewish settings.
  • 76% of respondents answered that “working for justice and equality” is a “very important” expression of their Jewish identity.
  • Two-thirds of respondents (65%) said American Jewish leaders are “poorly” (41%) or “very poorly” (24%) responding to the needs of Jews of Color.
  • 46% of respondents said talking about the experience of being a Jew of Color with other Jews of Color is very important to them.


Bend the Arc is committed to building inclusive Jewish spaces and dismantling white supremacy in Jewish communities. We're grateful for the leadership of the Jews of Color Initiative and their urgent new report.

Beyond The Count has already been covered in The Washington Post, JTA, Hey Alma, and more. Read the findings for yourself to get a detailed, nuanced view of the perspectives and experiences of Jews of Color — and please share widely!


Headline from The Chronicle of Philanthropy reading What Would Ruth Bader Ginsburg Do? Finding Answers to the Gender Gap in Jewish Nonprofit Leadership



Most people working at Jewish nonprofits are women, but most CEOs of Jewish nonprofits are men — especially at the largest and most well-resourced organizations.

In 2019, our friends at Leading Edge launched an investigation to better understand why that is and how Jewish organizations can begin to change it. The result? Their just-launched report: The Gender Gap in Jewish Nonprofit Leadership: An Ecosystem View.

What you’ll find in the report:

  • Five key causes of why the gender gap exists in Jewish organizations
  • Data on the gender gap in top leadership at Jewish organizations
  • Case studies on examples of positive change in Jewish institutions
  • Opportunities and recommendations for working towards gender equity

Spoiler: Bend the Arc is featured as a “bright spot” in the report, showcasing our successful 2014 CEO search that selected our current CEO, Stosh Cotler. After seven years of strong, moral executive leadership — and sixteen years in total with Bend the Arc — Stosh is beginning to transition out of her role. We’re grateful to Stosh for the leadership, tenacity, and creativity she’s brought to Bend the Arc — and we’re honored that Leading Edge cites her and our work as a positive example for the future.



We’re deeply grateful to the Jews of Color Initiative and Leading Edge for their research and calls to action.

Both of these reports are a must-read for our Jewish communities. They make a clear case for initiatives led by and for Jews of Color, leadership that more accurately reflects the diversity of American Jews, and organizing towards racial and gender equity at all levels — values we strive to uphold in all we do at Bend the Arc.

Enjoy reading!

In community,

The Bend the Arc team