Download the Passover 2021: Zoom Seder Kit

Download the Passover 2021: Zoom Seder Kit

Zoom Filters & Backgrounds Instructions




NOTE: The Zoom Seder Kit is intended for use on computers, not mobile devices. Setting up the Zoom Seder Kit backgrounds & filters requires navigating advanced Zoom settings and installing additional software. Our instructions lay out the steps, but at this time our staff are not available for further technical support. If you run into issues, we recommend checking to make sure you are running the latest versions of Zoom and your operating system, or checking the system requirements for Zoom and Snap Camera.

Download Zoom Backgrounds

Click the download links below, then right-click on the images, and select “Save Image As…” to download the images to your computer.

Refer to the instructions to use the backgrounds in Zoom.



Download the Zoom Filters

Please refer to the instructions to use our Zoom Filters. They will walk you through installing Snap Camera and using it in your Zoom calls.

When you are set up, search for bend the arc in the Snap Camera lens search bar to find our filters.


PLUS: Download Liberation Haggadah (PDF)

The leaders of Bend the Arc’s Ritual Committee have assembled a Liberation Haggadah you can use to ground your Seder in themes of justice and freedom for all. Download below.